Question linkHow do I sign up for Demand Conservation?
  • Confirm your eligibility for the Demand Conservation program with these three questions:
    1. Are you a LG&E and KUE electric customer?
    2. Do you have a central air conditioner or heat pump?
    3. Are you not currently enrolled in another Demand Conservation program?
    4. Will you allow LG&E and KU to make short, low impact thermostat adjustments on high energy usage days?
  • If you confirm these three questions, please choose whether you have an internet-connected thermostat to enroll in Demand Conservation or if you would like to purchase an existing thermostat.
  • If you have an existing thermostat, please select your thermostat among the eligible models. If you don’t have an existing eligible thermostat, please choose a model, purchase and install it. Once you have installed and activated, come back to enroll your new thermostat in Demand Conservation.
  • Click the Enroll Now button to go to your thermostat’s enrollment site, where you’ll follow a series of simple steps to enroll.
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed by LG&E and KU, you will be enrolled in the program. You will receive notification on your eligibility status in your email.
Question linkWill participating in the program negatively impact my home’s comfort?

Participating in the program allows LG&E and KU to make brief, limited adjustments to your home’s thermostat during periods of peak electric demand. These adjustments will only affect the temperature of your home by a few degrees, with minimal impact on comfort.

Question linkHow do I know if I qualify?
  • I’m an LG&E and KU electric customer.
  • I have a central air conditioner or heat pump
  • I have an eligible internet-connected thermostat.
  • I am not currently enrolled in Demand Conservation.

If all statements apply to you, you may be eligible to enroll your thermostat in the Demand Conservation program.

Question linkWhich thermostats qualify for the program?

Below is the current list of qualifying thermostats.

Provider Approved Thermostats
Alarm.com Radio Thermostat CT30, CT80, CT100; Trane ComfortLink Control; RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat; GoControl Z-wave Thermostat; Alarm.com Smart Thermostat
Emerson Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat
Honeywell Lyric Round, Lyric T5, Lyric T6 Pro, Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat, Wi-Fi 9000, Wi-Fi 9000 with Voice Control, Wi-Fi Focus Pro, Wi-Fi Vision Pro
Radio Thermostat Company of America Filtrete 3M-50, CT30, CT50, CT80
Vivint Radio Thermostat CT100 with Vivint Go!Control Panel
Question linkHow do I reach out for assistance with my thermostat or additional questions about the program?

You can reach out to lge-ku@energyhub.com for support.

Question linkHow do I collect the program incentives?

The $3 monthly energy bill credits will be applied to your summer energy bill June through September every year you stay enrolled in the program.

Question linkWhen will I receive my first credit on my energy bill if I enroll in Demand Conservation?

The first June, July, August or September energy bill you receive after your thermostat is enrolled will include the monthly credit of up to $3 per device. Please allow several days for us to process your enrollment.

Question linkHow often will my device be activated?

We will call for activation only on summer days when demand for electricity reaches a peak. Typically, this will occur for a few hours no more than 20 days all summer during the late afternoon and early evening. We will not activate your device on weekends or holidays unless there is an extreme system emergency.

Question linkWhat should I do if I get hot?

The temperature in your home should not significantly change during a Demand Conservation event. So, if your home gets warm, first check the program website at lge-ku.com/DC to see if we are having a cycling event by checking our Program Facts. During an event, the inside temperature should only change a few degrees. When the event is complete it may take a while for your home’s internal temperature to go back to the target temperature. The recovery time really depends upon the age of your HVAC system, the size of your home, and many other factors.

  • If your home feels warmer than usual, then there are a couple of things you can do to check to make sure your A/C is working properly:
  • If you have one, place a hand-held thermometer near an air vent and if the temperature is 10-15 degrees cooler than the temperature indicated on your home thermostat, then your A/C is definitely working.
  • Check your air filter to ensure it is clean and not restricting air flow.
  • If you believe it is related to the Demand Conservation event you can go into your thermostat portal and change the temperature to the desired setting.
Question linkHow do I sign up a neighbor or friend for the Demand Conservation program?

Have your friend, relative or neighbor locate their existing thermostat among the eligible models on the home page (or purchase an eligible thermostat). Then, click the Enroll Now button to go to your thermostat’s enrollment site, where they will follow a series of simple steps to enroll. Once they submit the necessary information, LG&E and KU will confirm that they’re eligible for the program.

Question linkWhat is peak demand?

In the energy business, “load” is the amount of energy a system is using at any given time. During the year, the amount of energy needed — or the “energy demand” — fluctuates depending on weather conditions or business hours of commercial or industrial customers. When demand for electricity is at its highest, that’s called a “peak” period. Think of “peak energy demand” like a busy grocery store on the day before a holiday or a Saturday afternoon. The store is extremely busy with long lines of people checking out. Every single checkout lane is staffed because there is a high demand for groceries at that time. But visit the same grocery store on a weekday afternoon any other time of the year. There are fewer customers in the store, and most of the time a single checkout lane is sufficient. However, the store is prepared to meet the demands of customers on those few busy days each year. That’s the way it is with generating electricity. Power plants are built to ensure an adequate supply of electricity is available to serve customers on the busiest — often the hottest or the coldest — days of the year. Every customer shares the load on the system to some degree every single day. Demand Conservation allows customers to share the load at times during heavy demand or peak usage.

Question linkHow will my thermostat be adjusted?
  • Your thermostat will be adjusted through your internet connection when a signal is sent, only on cycle event days.
  • At the start of an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted up to four degrees above the current temperature.
  • The adjustment will typically last no more than four hours, and will occur between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays
  • Once the adjustment event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and/or schedule.
  • In some cases, your thermostat might be adjusted down two degrees prior to an adjustment event to pre-cool your home or business.