DTE Smart Savers Gas FAQ

Question linkWhat is the DTE Smart Savers Gas program?

DTE Smart Savers Gas program is designed to reward you for reducing your energy use during peak periods of natural gas demand. It is currently being offered to customers who are already enrolled in the DTE Smart Savers electric (summer) program.

Question linkHow does the DTE Smart Savers Gas program work?
  • Participants agree to allow their thermostat set points to be lowered by a few degrees during events, which occur during peak hours, when demand for natural gas is very high, between November 1 and March 31. There will never be more than 15 events per winter season and each will last up to four hours.
  • For enrolling, participants will receive a one-time $50 gift card after initial enrollment and acceptance into the program.
  • Participants will automatically receive a $50 gift card at the end of the winter season if they stay enrolled through March 1.
Question linkHow do I know if I am eligible to enroll?

To be eligible to enroll, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You are currently enrolled in the Smart Savers electric program
  • You are a current DTE residential combo customer.
  • You have an installed, eligible internet-connected thermostat.
  • You use your thermostat to control your natural gas furnace.
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Question linkWhat is my enrollment incentive?

You will receive a $50 gift card after being accepted into the program.

Question linkHow do I enroll in the DTE Smart Savers Gas program?
  • Complete the enrollment form here.
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed by DTE, you will be enrolled in the program. You will receive notification on your eligibility status via email
Question linkHow will I know that an event is in progress?

Depending on your thermostat provider, you will receive an email or a notification in your web or mobile application. You may also receive a notification on your thermostat device.

Question linkDuring an event, how will my thermostat be adjusted?
  • At the start of an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted by a few degrees below the current temperature set point.
  • In some cases, your thermostat might be adjusted up 3 degrees prior to an adjustment event to pre-heat your home or business
  • Each event will typically last no more than 4 hours and will occur between 5 am - 9 am or 5 pm - 9 pm. Adjustments will not occur on holidays or weekends.
  • Once the event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal set point and schedule.
  • You can opt out of the events at any time from your mobile device, web browser or thermostat.
Question linkWill participating in the program negatively impact my comfort?

Smart Savers events will only affect the temperature by a few degrees, with minimal impact on comfort. There will be no more than 15 Smart Savers events per winter and each event will last up to four hours.

Question linkHow do I unenroll from the DTE Smart Savers Gas program?
  • Send an email to dte@energyhub.com requesting to end your participation in the DTE Smart Savers program.
  • Unenrolling from the program will end your participation for all your enrolled thermostats, including for the DTE Smart Savers electric (summer) program.
Question linkWho can I contact if I have additional questions about the program?

Please email us at dte@energyhub.com.