Question linkHow do I sign up for WiFi Thermostat Rewards?
  • Confirm your eligibility for the WiFi Thermostat Rewards program with these three questions:
    1. Are you a CPS Energy residential or small commercial customer?
    2. Do you use your thermostat to control your central air conditioning system?
    3. Will you allow CPS Energy to make short, low impact thermostat adjustments on high energy usage days?
  • If you confirm these three questions, please choose whether you have an internet-connected thermostat to enroll in WiFi Thermostat Rewards or if you would like to purchase an existing thermostat.
  • If you have an existing thermostat, please select your thermostat among the eligible models. If you don’t have an existing eligible thermostat, please choose a model, purchase and install it. Once you have installed and activated, come back to enroll your new thermostat in WiFi Thermostat Rewards.
  • Click the Enroll Now button to go to your thermostat’s enrollment site, where you’ll follow a series of simple steps to enroll.
  • Once your eligibility is confirmed by CPS Energy, you will be enrolled in the program. You will receive an email notification on your eligibility status.
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Question linkWill participating in the program negatively impact my home’s comfort?

Participating in the program allows CPS Energy to make brief, limited adjustments to your home’s thermostat during periods of peak electric demand. These adjustments will only affect the temperature of your home by a few degrees, with minimal impact on comfort. And you can easily opt out of an event at any time, for any reason.

Question linkHow will I know if I’m eligible to enroll?

To be eligible to enroll, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • You are a CPS residential or small commercial customer.
  • You use your thermostat to control your central air conditioning.
  • You have (or will purchase) an approved internet-connected thermostat that is operating your cooling system.
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Question linkWhich thermostats qualify for the program?
Provider Approved Thermostats
Alarm.com Radio Thermostat CT30, CT80, CT100; Trane ComfortLink Control; RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat; GoControl Z-wave Thermostat; Alarm.com Smart Thermostat; 2GIG Z-Wave Plus™ Battery Powered Thermostat; Trane Z-Wave Thermostat; Linear Thermostat
Building36 Building 36 Intelligent Thermostat
ecobee ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, ecobee4, ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control, Smart Thermostat Enhanced, Smart Thermostat Premium
Vivint Radio Thermostat CT100 with Vivint Go!Control Panel

\*At this time, the SkyControl Panel does not qualify for the WiFi Thermostat Rewards program.
Question linkWhere can I find the Terms & Conditions for this program?

You can find the program terms and conditions for all thermostat providers below:

Provider Terms and Conditions
Alarm.com Terms and Conditions
ecobee Terms and Conditions
Lux Terms and Conditions
Vivint Terms and Conditions
Question linkAm I allowed to opt out of demand response events?

Yes. At any time during an event, you can opt out from your thermostat, mobile device, or web app.

Question linkDoes opting out of the pre-cool opt me out of the demand response event?

For the majority of devices, when you opt out of the pre-cool, you are also opting out of the demand response event. If you own an ecobee device, you must also opt out of the demand response event.

Question linkHow do I collect the incentive?

The $150 incentive bill credit offer was limited time only and ended October 31, 2019. Customers who enroll after November 1, 2019, will receive a bill credit of $85 for each of your thermostats that are accepted into the program.

Question linkWhat if I have additional questions about the program?

You can reach out to cps@energyhub.com.